Mountain bike, e-bike, and cycling

The Aosta Valley is an incredibly diverse and fascinating territory that is perfect for exploring by bike. With cycling paths, nature trails, and scenic roads, the region offers endless opportunities for cycling enthusiasts.

For those who wish to explore the Aosta Valley by bike, Hotel Crabun is the perfect choice. Located in Pont-Saint-Martin, the hotel offers all the comfort and services needed for an unforgettable cycling vacation. In fact, Hotel Crabun is a Bike Hotel, which means it is exclusively dedicated to welcoming cyclists.

For mountain bike enthusiasts, the Aosta Valley is a dream destination. The region offers a wide range of trails suitable for all levels, from easy tracks for beginners to challenging descents for the more experienced. With its spectacular mountains and breathtaking landscapes, the Aosta Valley is one of the favorite destinations for mountain bike lovers worldwide.

For those who prefer a more relaxed exploration of the Aosta Valley, Hotel Crabun also offers an e-bike rental service. Electric pedal-assist bicycles are perfect for discovering the region without too much effort while enjoying the beauty of the landscapes. E-bikes are particularly useful for tackling demanding climbs and exploring longer and more challenging routes.

Lastly, for road cycling enthusiasts, the Aosta Valley offers numerous scenic roads and breathtaking ascents to the alpine passes and valleys. Thanks to its privileged location, Hotel Crabun is the ideal starting point to explore these roads and have an unforgettable cycling experience.

Hotel Crabun is the perfect choice for those who want to explore the Aosta Valley by bike. With its ideal location, exclusive services, and attention to detail, the hotel offers an unforgettable vacation for two-wheel enthusiasts. Whether you are passionate about mountain biking, e-biking, or road cycling, Hotel Crabun provides everything you need to discover the beauty of the Aosta Valley on two wheels.

Other activities in Aosta Valley

Villages, castles, and forts

Hotel Crabun is an ideal base for visiting some of the most charming villages, castles, and forts in the region. Located in Pont-Saint-Martin, the hotel offers visitors the opportunity to explore the rich history and culture of Aosta Valley.

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Sports and Nature

The Aosta Valley is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of skiing, ski mountaineering, trekking, and climbing. With its breathtaking landscape, valleys, and surrounding mountains, the region offers a wide range of opportunities for sports enthusiasts of all levels.

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